Looking for a WordPress Senior Developer – Organized, talented mobile-first responsive (web-based NOT app).

We will follow up if qualifications match.  *Do NOT email us directly, you will NOT be considered. Follow instructions to apply.

PART 2 –


– Confident, capable, honest, skilled web WordPress Senior Developer.
– Proud of your own work, be honest and have professional integrity.
– On time, good communicator, organized and positive to work with.
– Quality Assurance; You take pride to triple check requirements, scope, and debug work.
– Quality of Deliverables; This is a performance-based, professional agreement.
– Fast and Secure Internet (malware protection, browser, etc).

Must have practical skills and knowledge in the following, *review before you apply:

  • GIT
  • ACF – advance custom fields
  • APIs – skilled
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Elementor
  • PSD
  • CSS/3
  • JSON
  • Javascript
  • WebServices; JavaScript, jQuery, etc., cross-browser responsive site UI development, good understanding of REST best practices
  • PHP, object-orientated programming, SQL
  • Custom theme, plugin and custom code experienced
  • WooCommerce Shop / eCommerce (marketplace, vendor marketplace)
  • SaaS product knowledge
  • Good UX understanding of how users intuitively use UI interface
  • Clean coding, organized, commented code structure, scalable
  • Kanban experienced using: Trello, Skype (or similar project tools)

PART 3 – 

  • Be willing to take (2) WordPress tests; 1-aptitude 2-practical exercise, skills test
  • Do an online interview if you pass both tests
  • Sign Mutual NDA/Confidentiality
  • Sign Agreement (performance based)

Your country currency. Every 2-weeks. We use Wise (dot) com.


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