YourWelcome are imminently about to launch an updated new web dashboard (built in React). In order to support customers upgrading to the new dashboard we are launching a support website / help centre (built in WordPress) and we have written 250+ support guides for this wordpress instance.

We are looking for a designer / developer / content onboarder (ideally familiar with the Salient WordPress theme) to help onboard the 250+ articles and their associated layouts. We have a design system in place but the candidate will need to have an eye for design to decide which component to insert where and help crop the elements needed to zoom in on when explaining each section of the new dashboard.

The WordPress site will be multi-lingual (although the content is yet to be transcribed) and we are using the WPML plugin so knowledge of how this works would be a bonus. (Although we are open to changing to a different plugin or something bespoke if preferred).

Prior experience working with WordPress is a must. Please submit some links of sites you have previously made.

The job will ideally start in July as the launch of the new dashboard is scheduled for September. We envisage it taking approx 2 months to onboard and style all 250+ pages so the sooner you can start the more content we can have live prior to launch.

About YourWelcome


YourWelcome is a 5 year old tech startup aimed at solving problems in the Vacation Rental space. We provide our own custom hardware alongside a web dashboard and web apps to help property managers optimise their businesses.