Thrive365 wishes to build a web application that brings together those with special needs with the best carers/disability professionals in the country in a marketplace-themed environment (similar to Upwork, Freelancer, etc) where the client can browse through all the available carers profiles and book the one that best suits them.
Specific requirements:
–        Membership-based system, where only members can view the marketplace and make bookings (all public users will be stuff with viewing a landing page only)
–        The ability for both new clients and staff to register via an online form with a series of questions (screenshots provided in “”)
–        Once a new member signs up, it will be left as “Pending review by admin” before they can access their new account.
–        Ability for the clients and staff to personalise their profiles with: (using a “Profile Completeness” progress bar to encourage they fill their whole profile prior to going live on the marketplace)
–        Profile picture {required}
–        Hobbies & Skills (As filterable “tags”)
–        Written Biography/Summary {required}
–        Video Biography/Summary
–        Suburb {required}
–        Required documents (via upload) {required for staff only}
–        Per hour price {required for staff only)
–        List of servers they offer {required for staff  only}
–        Ability for clients to initiate a private instant messaging conversation with staff , for pre-booking questions, etc
–        staff  are the only users shown in the marketplace/directory
–        Clients can browse the marketplace and use filtering to find their best fit, using the following parameters:
–        Location (<10km away, 10-30km away, 30-50km away, 50km+)
–        Keyword search
–        By popularity/best reviews
–        By price
–        By service
–        By Skills/Hobbies
–        staff  can not view the marketplace/directory for other staff
–        Ability for clients to book specific staff  from the staff  profile via a button, this then directs the client to a booking page where there can select what service they require, the duration of the booking (in hours), and a date.
–        staff  need to have the ability to specify what their availability is, and have the option to link their calendar/schedule in Thrive365 with Google Calendar/iCal.
–        When a booking is made by the client, an invoice needs to be issued to the client for them to pay themselves via EFT or other methods.
–        After the booking is fulfilled, both the client and the staff  will need to leave a review
–        Clients can view their past/upcoming bookings, and any outstanding bills
–        Once admins receive payment, they can make outstanding bills as paid.
–        staff  will need to enter their banking details on registration, so Admins can pay them once work is complete.
–        staff can access the client’s profile after a booking is made:
–        Their medical alerts
–        Emergency contacts
–        Appointment case notes
–        Specialist reports
–        staff  can make case notes on each appointment for future reference
–        staff  can access policy and procedure documents
–        Home visit risk assessment
–        Incident report
–        Report templates
–        staff  can review their payslips
–        The client themselves
–        A parent/guardian on behalf of the client
–        staff
Technical Specs:
–        Preferably in WordPress, as the Admins will need to have their own access to make changes/edits to the user profiles, services offered, written/image content on website, etc.
–        SSL Certificate for additional security
–        Google reCaptcha on online registration form
–        Search engine optimisation for landing (Home) page to attract new registrations

We have considered Bookly as an add on and welcome your advice.
Basic site is up but this back end functionality has not been done.
Flowcharts and temporary copy is developed (We will finalise copy after design is up, it is mostly questions). Style guide is developed.
Developer could not deliver. Required in 4 weeks maximum time frame.

About Thrive365

At Thrive365, we’re all about choice and partnership. We believe you should be able to choose how your NDIS funding is spent. We believe you should be able to choose the staff who support you and this means everyone from your support coordinator to your therapist or gardener.

We believe that the best support comes from working in partnership. And we believe you should have control over your life so you can truly thrive.

We provide a range of disability support services that are designed around your needs.