I’m Mate Magyar owner of a calorie counting website which uses quite old solutions.

However it’s quite popular in Hungary (kaloriabazis.hu), but you can check our English version at caloriebase.com.
Now I just want to find out if it is possible to move my all current calorie counting website under wordpress.
Our site is a web application with very complex working, and we have a google play app which shows the site in webview with a lot of customisation. These things should all work.
The reason why I’m here is that I really miss the flexibilty of wordpress (handling posts and blogs, users, etc). Do you think it’s possible? If yes, can you help me with this?
Of course later I would ask my programmer for further discussion with you, but now I just want to find out if its possible or not.
Mate Magyar

About Mate Magyar sole proprietor

Our site has 560.000 registered users, and it's successful in Hungary.