In Short: We’re looking for a full stack JavaScript developer with experience building applications top to bottom, from rendering interfaces to provisioning the APIs and servers necessary to give it life. We’re specifically looking for someone with experience with React, GraphQL and the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg), including creating custom blocks and admin interfaces.

A Bit About The Job

  • This is a part time, contract position we expect to require 20-30 hours per week for 2-3 months. It is possible that the role will be renewed for an additional period at the conclusion of this project.
  • The project is ready to go and available to start based on the person selected for the role.
    We’re very flexible on timezones and work schedules; our team is spread across several time zones and aim to overlap our availability by at least some part of each day
  • Only candidates from the Americas will be considered. We also prefer candidates who are full time freelancers rather than ‘moonlighting’.

A Bit About Us

  • Lat Long is a digital product development team for clients exploring new frontiers. Our team is partially remote with an office in Brooklyn, NY and a development team in Buenos Aires.
  • Our core focus is building products for people doing exciting things — delivering technical solutions and going beyond to help create the business behind the product.
  • Our team has tackled some exciting projects in the past couple of years:Building an immersive storytelling interface for Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke
  • Creating one of the most advanced Gutenberg implementations live today to power Airstream’s new retail brand
  • Designing complex CMS tools for do-gooders like the LGBT Center of New York City
  • Home-growing a whole suite of applications to evolve Sostena from a seed company to an AgTech platform.
  • Guiding product development, strategy and technical delivery for student-focused organizations like Learning Ally
  • Sometimes we simply customize an off-the-shelf theme to make small budgets reach as far as the dreams of explorers like Blue Marble Exploration.
  • Our site and recent projects can be found here: https://latlo.ng

What will you be doing day to day?

  • This project is specifically focused on updating and upgrading a site that has been maintenance neglected for too long. It is a few versions behind core WP releases and updating WP and WooCommerce will require some troubleshooting our custom block library.
  • The site uses the following:
    • WordPress Block Editor with a full custom block library, created from scratch during Gutenberg beta
    • GraphQL
    • WooCommerce
    • Braintree
    • React in a “semi-decoupled” front end (we use a barebones WP theme that forward all requests to an SSR app)
  • Creating GraphQL APIs and the services/infrastructure to support them
  • Developing interfaces with React components that draw contextual information from application state, user permissions, GraphQL APIs and other resources.
  • Creating tests and documentation for work as it progresses
  • Debugging WordPress, Gutenberg blocks and React interfaces
  • It is very likely that Gutenberg has evolved significantly since this project was last actively maintained and there will be several opportunities to refactor existing functionality. You will be asked to assess and make recommendations about what should be refactored and the time/cost/benefit implications of those recommendations.

The ideal person will:

  • Have experience digging deep beneath the hood on each layer of modern web development.
  • You’ve likely built or been a part of a team building sophisticated WordPress sites and feel very familiar with the new Gutenberg editor, including having created native blocks in JavaScript/React without relying on a tool like ACF.
  • Have experience or familiarity with a variety of technologies:
    •  Node.js
    • React.js
    • GraphQLApollo Client
    • Apollo Server
    • Redux
    • Webpack
    • Docker
    • Redis
    • Storybook
  • Be comfortable working independently with a remote team. You’ll be expected to share rolling updates about your progress toward goals and attend regular video chats about project status.
  • Have a flexible approach to most things – we aren’t strictly Agile but do work in sprints, we aren’t zealots about LESS vs SCSS vs SASS and while OOP is a goal, it is not a hill worth dying on.
  • Have a strong capacity for self-directed learning of new concepts, tools and skills
  • Can take direction but are not dependent upon it
  • Are attentive and thorough with the ability to think analytically about structures then creatively design systems and workflows
  • Have some professional work experience having made tactical contributions to other projects using a similar technology mix.

In the application, you will be asked for a “Cover Letter”. This does not need to be a formal document, but it is your opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve read this job description and have the skills to fulfill it. Please provide a short paragraph just telling us who you and and where you’re from plus a quick description of your WordPress experience. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

To apply:

Visit our jobs board:


About Lat Long

Lat Long is a digital product development team for clients exploring new frontiers. Our team is partially remote with an office in Brooklyn, NY and a development team in Buenos Aires.