Growth Labs Development is looking to establish long-term relationships with a back-end WordPress developer with the following skillset:

  • Expert Back-end developer with expert knowledge of WordPress
  • Comfortable writing technical documentation.
  • Comfortable writing non-technical documentation.
  • Comfortable communicating and initiating contact with potential clients.
  • Comfortable doing quality assurance and review work.

This is a new position we are creating in order to initiate first contact with potential clients and go through the initial brief and proposal process.

  • Submitting proposals and briefs to potential clients. This would include technical information on how their project could be developed, so back-end programming and development knowledge as well as expert WordPress knowledge is required. WordPress projects will be the primary target market.
  • Explaining the company process and workflow to the client.
  • Scheduling calls between the potential clients and the company owner.
  • If a project is accepted, working with the owner to create a project plan and blueprint.
  • Writing the technical plan and documentation for the project as it’s being built as well as post-build.
  • Writing instructional information for client hand-offs.
  • Helping with Quality Assurance as needed.

General Information

  • This position is a fully remote part-time freelance position on an as-needed basis. If the position is successful, this could turn into full-time hours.
  • While our office is remote, you will be working among other team members, and the applicant will be expected to communicate in English via Teamwork (PM), Slack, Zoom, etc.
  • This position pays between $10-$20 USD per hour depending on experience and skills plus a commission for each successful project.

What We are Looking For:

  • A back-end developer who is fully versed in WordPress as well as other languages and can confidently recommend and roughly estimate a budget.
    • All projects go through a specification paid process before final estimates are given, this refers to a $100, $1000, $10,000, or $100,000 budget to manage client expectations.
  • Excellent communicator who can work with clients before, during and after a project completion.
  • Organized professional who can communicate and coordinate with developers and project managers.
  • Someone who takes planning seriously before development begins and can help determine how something should be built.
  • Someone who keeps themselves up to date on the latest trends and frameworks and can recommend and put together an optimal plan on WordPress themes, plugins, functionality, setup, performance, security and more.
  • Be able to work within a team as well as take a leadership role when required.

Skills & Requirements

  • Expert level knowledge of PHP and building fully custom applications.
  • Expert understanding using git repositories and proper development infrastructure and tools.
  • Expert level knowledge of WordPress, developing custom functionality in WordPress themes and Plugins.
    • Have knowledge of and be able to recommend and execute best practices in building custom WordPress themes and plugins.
    • Expert knowledge in theme and plugin performance, decrease loading times, have an understanding of CDNs and caching and related plugins.
    • Excellent knowledge of best practices, utilizing child themes, forking plugins, using available hooks to implement additional functionality into existing plugins, etc.
  • Expert understanding of front-end frameworks and languages as they relate to the back-end development work.
  • Excellent English language skills (writing), ability to communicate with a team and potentially with clients when needed.
  • Comfortable speaking English when needed – All applicants will be interviewed via Zoom in English. You should be comfortable being on conference calls with clients in English when required.
  • You must be able to login and use our PM software (Teamwork) as you will be working and collaborating with team members on projects.
  • Knowledge of additional programming languages a plus.

When Applying Please Include:

  • Complete Resume
  • Public Github (or alternative) Profile
  • Public Portfolio and/or list of previous projects worked on if not part of github profile.
  • Development Background
  • Full list of skills and languages, including software proficiencies
  • Languages spoken and level
  • Please detail your previous experience working with teams and what challenges you faced.
  • Please detail your previous experience working remotely and what challenges you faced.