About the company:
Think of Fixmysite.com as the garage for broken WordPress websites!

About the role?
Just like a mechanic fixes broken cars, your role as a Fixmysite.com support agent will be to fix broken WordPress websites.

To enjoy this role, here’s the type of person you are:

You love solving problems.
You take pride in the quality of your work.
You love working from home at your own pace.
You enjoy working alone.
You have lots of patience.
You enjoy seeing things through to completion.
You can take initiative and look for solutions on your own.
You are accountable.
You are 100% reliable.

Common responsibilities include:
Review support inquiries, follow up, and send quotes for the various tasks that our requested of us.
Carry out various WordPress related tasks, which include:
Updating and editing a website’s content (images and text).
Troubleshooting internal server errors.
Troubleshooting WooCommerce checkout errors.
Installing and configuring popular WordPress plugins.
Customizing child themes, working with page builders, and editing style, JS, and PHP files.
Migrating WordPress websites.
Optimizing a website’s load time.
Repairing and securing hacked websites.
Redesigning/rebuilding a website from scratch.

Here are some skills that will come in handy:
Excellent English writing and communication skills.
Excellent troubleshooting abilities.
At least 3 years of experience with WordPress.
Strong comprehension of HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery/Javascript.
You can take technical lingo and make it understandable to customers.
You can upsell customers and suggest website improvements without being intrusive or pushy.
Ability to prioritize workloads and complete tasks on time.

What we offer
Earn half of every ticket you sell. It’s as simple as that! Work at your own pace, remotely, from anywhere you call home. Please note, that we encourage that you work for Fixmysite.com part-time, or parallel with your existing freelance work.

If all of this sounds interesting, then please submit your application here – https://fixmysite.com/join-the-team/cv/

Extra exciting for us if you can work on the weekend and/or US business hours!

We won’t be able to individually respond to all applications, but if we feel you’re a strong match, we will be in touch shortly.

About Fixmysite.com

Fixmysite.com is your on-demand technical support service for anything WordPress.