I have built a website based on a few WordPress Plugins and need a location filtering element which will hopefully be assigned on registration to new site members to allow the end user to filter information solely based on a select number of locations or radius from a given location.

I have one mini project below (4 tasks which should only take 1-2 days to fix with an expert PHP developer that has knowledge of WordPress registration and segmentation and survey plugins. After these 4 tasks have been completed , I then have a bigger job which is a way to replicate the virtual noticeboard feature which I currently am using as a plugin on my site. I want to create a bespoke virtual noticeboard so that it can be scaled across many geographies using a places or location API filter based on the registration and location preferences of my site members.

Tasks 1 is a  first step towards addressing the membership tagging issues where I need to bucket my members into different groups based on places API.

1.   I think a key issue is that I need some neat way of registering new users to a particular home station location (some kind of places API feature) which perhaps permeates throughout all features of the site. This would then provide the functionality to turn on and off locations on the Forum and the Noticeboard of my website to filter out unwanted posts. Having a radius filter attached to your current or desired location might be a good feature. I have googled around and I’m not sure if by adding a location to each registered user based on the existing WPforo plugin avatar would be the cleanest way to have a membership website where everybody belongs to one or several locations of their choice. I found the following example of location tagging in the WPforo support page . (Link Below)

https://wpforo.com/community/ how-to-and-troubleshooting-2/ how-do-i-ad-member-locations/# post-40264

EASY SOLUTION: Implement a location in the avatar on site registration as suggested at the above link.
2. I would still need a better solution to the past reviews and an ability to search through prior reviews in a more granular way and to look at how these results had changed over time for a particular station. I would like a new user to be able to dissect the reviews similar to how one can go through reviews on Amazon.  I am currently using the Ulitmate Reviews Pro Plugin

EASY SOLUTION: Keep existing reviews solution and just tidy up the front page so it is set out nicely. Not fully ideal but wont prevent people from giving a review.

3. I would like the search feature to only show comments and not dis-aggregated scores when somebody uses the website search facility. Disaggregated results with no score currently show up when people search for a station.

EASY SOLUTION: Just get rid of the general website search feature and only use internal plugin search functionalities. Delete the posts so that comments are applied via the video upload plug-in that has its own features.

4. My home screen at the moment has a bug when viewing on a desktop computer which doesn’t allow input into the station review form. It works on a mobile and I think there is a container or something from the elementor plug-in disrupting the ability to put in details. I think its a simple solution and it would need to be fixed.

EASY SOLUTION: I think this is a simple  5 min fix with just some code tweaks or I rebuild the page again so it works on the desktop as well as the mobile.

Once these 4 tasks have been completed I’d then like the PHP developer to estimate the time it would take and give me a price to build a virtual noticeboard with the similar features to the hootboard functionality.

This is likely to be a longer project and competence on these first 4 tasks would ensure that I will continue with the developer to implement the bigger task. I would also like to eventually convert the website to an app so some knowledge of how to do this might be helpful at this stage of building. The developer should also advise on SEO and websecurity for my site as part of this initial job.

I am open to all suggestions on how best to rebuild or restructure my webiste which I will share once an NDA is signed.

Many thanks